Caroline is a thought leader who lives at the edges of education, innovation, and equity. Her work at this intersection inspired the creation of equityXdesign, a powerful design framework that merges the consciousness of equity work, innovation with the intentionality of design. Her latest venture, the 228accelerator, catalyzes the redesign of the relationships that normalize mistreatment and oppression, builds bridges between the powerful and the powerless, and accelerates our journey to a more inclusive society. This work stands on the shoulders of more than 20 years in public education, education innovation, management consulting, and engineering.

Caroline has lived the life cycle of school creation and transformation as a teacher, mentor, coach, founding principal, and also as an investor in innovative school models. She empowers people with creative authority to reimagine themselves as designers of human relationships. This challenge inspires her to explore innovative organizations and learning models that optimize the role of relationships, leverage technologies, and engage people as agents in their own transformation. She supports several national education organizations as they work to design and create more inclusive and responsive organizations and learning models.

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia and a Master of Education in Learning and Teaching from Harvard Graduate School of Education. An additional Master of Science in Administration was conferred through New Leaders for New Schools—a principal training fellowship.


We Are Ready.


News and Notes

THIS ACCELERATOR SEEKS TO SCALE EQUITY IN SCHOOLS BY MIXING THE START-UP MENTALITY WITH SOCIAL JUSTICE . This EdSurge podcast highlights the work of my latest venture, the 228Accelerator. It gives an overview of the need for the work and a new way of approaching equity work in the education space.  "If we want to move and accelerate this pace towards a more civil and just society, we actually have to have time that allows us to critically assess and reflect on our practice, and the impact of our practice on other people. And then how do I test that in a low-stakes, low-risk environment, so that I can ease into a new practice. The headline here is we need space and time to think. And I want to create those spaces for educators to do that." Listen and read here. 

INACOL SYMPOSIUM 2017 LUNCH KEYNOTE . Caroline Hill shares her experiences in advancing education innovations for equity and building capacity for designing personalized, breakthrough models. To watch the keynote, click here.

‘SYSTEMS OF INEQUITY HAVE BEEN DESIGNED BY PEOPLE, AND THEY CAN BE REDESIGNED.’ In this interview the Jennifer Bradley of the Aspen Institute, I talk about the power of co-creation and how can use it as a tool of transformation.  “If you’re the one with privilege, you have to surrender that privilege and include the other person.  That can be uncomfortable for someone who’s always experienced being recognized for being an expert.” - Caroline Hill Read more about this interview here.