Get Ready to Design…Equitably.


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All of us have a role in designing and creating an equitable world. Do you know yours?

What have I built?

My goal has always been to figure out how to create new relationships and put equity at the center. This is critical for the schools of the 21st century. This thinking has inspired the creation of the DC Equity Lab and the equityXdesign framework. Resume »

What am I designing?

228Accelerator fuels the scaling of radical and transformative ideas in schools, education organizations, and communities. We work to redesign the critical relationships that have built and sustained segregation and inequity.

What am I writing?

The best ideas come from working with people. Check out our blog to read and learn with me. Our latest piece, “Equity Work Needs Bias. Here is Why.” reminds us of the purpose of bias and how it can be used to correct injustice and right our relationships. Read Our Blog »


current venture:

228 Accelerator

In our School Design Studio, we remix equity work with design thinking and enable the creation of culturally relevant, innovative, transformative school and learning models.

Creating a new world is the penultimate goal of equity work. Changing ourselves is the ultimate goal.

— Caroline I. Hill